Firstly this is a paroxsysmal diary, I refuse to use the word blog, I find it, firstly to be an ugly word, and secondly after working for a long time in a corporate environment I am allergic to buzzwords.

The purpose of this diary then is to document my search for the perfect female bottom. An Arthurian quest, though perhaps, perhaps, less noble – that being a merely matter of opinion. In my view is seems valid to consider a person, or part of a person in this case, to have as much an aesthetic quality as that of traditional forms of art such as those by Canova. I will come back to Canova at some point.

So since I do view an aesthetic quest to have a noble and spiritual quality, then in this way I do also consider my quest for the perfect bottom.

In that vein I shall not be providing you with pornography or explicit pictures. You may find some good examples however at www.beautifulassettes.com.