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Seems that Yankees Shortstop Derek Jeter is now dating Jessica. Judging by the pictures here I would expect to see a significant improvement in Derek’s Batting average next season. Oh, and she was great in The Illusionist too, though not enough shots from behind out of that period costume sadly.

I know these pics would help me get to the base. Perfect Game… not so sure….

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What I find curious is that there seems to be no increase in people downloading torrents of The Dreamers at the moment, considering the success of Casino Royale. If you want to see more of Eva than you could ever in a James Bond movie or in Kingdom of Heaven for that matter, then you should see The Dreamers.

But as to how perfect a bottom she has… it’s hard to say. It’s been a while since I saw the Dreamers, and Casino Royale although a great film in many ways sadly disappoints in the Bottom department – something I hope future Bond movies will address.

It’s hard to find good pics of her from behind.

Eva Green

But these pics of her from the Dreamers, fully naked, HERE may help. These leave nothing to the imagination. Nothing at all.

I can’t say I’ve noticed her before, but these pics of Naomi Watts do bear close examination. In the shot where she’s squatted down there’s almost a King Thong visible! Well, sadly not quite, but it does fire your imagination.

Not at all an Hobbit like tail.