Since I mentioned Emma Caulfield earlier, I felt it was only fair to also mention Charisma.

Another great actress who is not really getting the exposure she deserves. Of course she famously posed for Playboy recently, and despite having borne child previously, the results of that photoshoot were astounding. Some are listed below for your pleasure. I particularly like the voluptuousness and femininity of her curves and the sun tattoo adds a little extra fire.

The pics of her in the red panties seem to have a different curve to her ass than those of other pics, I suspect photoshopping – odd really because she has an hourglass figure that most people would adore.

There seems to be a great many Charisma bottom pics out there. For this we may be truly thankful.

The enchanting Emma Caulfield is HERE

and the tasty Michelle Trachtenberg is HERE and HERE

and a sexy Sarah Michelle Gellar is HERE