Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers. Hope you have a great day!

Let us pause and give thanks also for the posterior of Miss Pressly. I read somewhere recently that some forum folks believe she has the best a-double-s in Hollywood. This is a statement that requires careful and dedicated research before being issued. So I decided to investigate those brave words. My results are shown below – she is also a Playboy girl so you should know what to expect before you click on the links. I feel you won’t be disappointed.

Jaime 1
Jaime 2
Jaime 3
Jaime 4
Jaime 5
Jaime 6
Nice Slide Show

She is also 4 months pregnant, so I guess these are the “before” pics, I wish her a happy birth and a speedy return to peak form and fitness. I do hope also to see those “after” pics too…please!