But not in this case the perfect bottom. I think hers once may have qualified as being worth a look, but those days are long gone.

No, here we are talking about the way she is now making a perfect ass out of herself. She seemingly has wandered outside without any panties on. A publicity stunt? Or is she just forgetful? I think it really doesn’t matter, as you can see from this NOT SAFE FOR WORK photo here her ass isn’t a pretty sight. And if you thought that was bad, there are also open crotch shots here that leave nothing to the imagination, nor do they hide a rather ugly c-section scar.

Don’t mean to alarm anyone, but this may be one of the first signs of the apocalypse.

If you’ve just eaten, I do apologize.

A few years ago Britney, along with much of the World’s population I would have loved to have seen shots like those. Today, please find some industrial strength granny panties and staple them on firmly.

Ah, you can take the girl outta the trailer but not the trash outta the girl.

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