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I was going to research Tricia Helfer. I started, and immediately found an image of Grace instead. Fortuitous indeed! Miss Helfer will be along sometime soon, don’t worry…

Now there are things I like about Battlestar Galalctica. Namely, the acting, the camera work and the fact that it is fresh looking in HD video, Zoic’s special effects (was blown away by those in Firefly first though), the production design, much of the overall concept, the music, and now I have another – Miss Park’s bottom.

Wonderful though that bottom truly is, I can appreciate that without watching the show. Which, despite all the above reasons, I don’t watch. Why? Firstly the writing, there are way too many plot holes, and incredible out of character sequences, and actions that are just far too unearned.

Secondly the direction – overall and specifically in each episode, enough to make it an executive producer problem not an individual director one – despite the truthful handheld camera work, the rapid pans and crash focus, the intensely dramatic situations they find themselves in, each episode has a significant percentage of dead air. Dead boring air.

Which is a shame. The miniseries was great, but each season went downhill from there. It rambles and stumbles towards some future plot point, just wake me up when it gets there.

In the meantime, I’m sure we can all agree that Grace is far from boring…

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