No. Sorry. I don’t have more pics of her behind. Yes. I did look – just in case…

Just these sexy pictures of her from the front. Normally I wouldn’t post that side of someone, but I will make an exception in her case.

I was actually searching for retro design stuff when I came across that picture. I’d forgotten how beautiful she was. One of my my first childhood crushes I think.

If she was the young star of a new show called Bewitched today there would be sultry bikini clad and lingerie shots of her all over FHM, Maxim and the Internet. It was a simpler time. Dresses were still the norm – not even a tight jeans shot to be had from back then.

Tragic really, a woman of such beauty should be encouraged to share it, and to have it preserved for eternity. Maybe I need to get Bewitched on DVD and look closely, you never know.