Yes, I know. Milla again. I’m not obsessed, nor even a huge fan of hers, but her butt gets good treatment from directors. As, indeed, it should.

Ultraviolet is a curious movie. It’s director, Kurt Wimmer, showed real original talent with “Equilibrium”. Ultraviolet shows that that talent is still there. It is visually stunning.

But… It’s not a good movie, and from what I have read the studio interfered considerably in the production. Sony, you know, that customer friendly company that really has its finger on the pulse of the consumer? Yes, that’s the one, they did it. There is apparently 40 minutes cut out from the original shoot. The cinematic release starts with a voice over explaining the universe and the background to the movie. Probably only made necessary by the death of a thousand cuts the studio made.

When you have to do a voice over, you’ve most probably completely failed to tell the story properly in a movie. (I offer the studio interfered with Bladerunner cinematic release, versus the Directors Cut edition as evidence)

There is enough evidence to show that if Ultraviolet ever gets a directors cut version it could be a very good movie indeed. Unfortunately that just can’t ever be said of the cinematically released garbage.

Anyway, the reason that I have rated this movie so highly is that therein Milla is perfectly costumed, and indeed framed from behind. Though it may be computer enhanced, there is also a brief bare bottom shot too.