I do appreciate her skill as a comedy actress. I have always enjoyed her movies. Yet, I’ve never entirely understood her sex appeal. I find that the majority of people telling me how hot she is are either women or gay men. They seem more infatuated with her as a tragic heroine than as a real person.

I’ve seldom found straight men mention her at all, and those that do are usually breast men. Certainly her movies were provocative and sexy for the time they were made, even if they would be considered tame by modern standards.

But then I found these pictures…

I can only wonder how she would have been photographed were she a young star today, and how she would rate amongst other contemporary stars. If only such a thing were possible. Perhaps she would rival Denise Richards for hottness, Charisma Carpenter for hour-glass womanliness, and Parker Posey for comedic ability.

These days, there are far too few female comedy stars in the movies. Fewer still, who look like this.