I hadn’t forgotten about my SciFi Bottom 10 list. Here’s entry number 4. I first saw Alexa in Season 4 of Angel as Gwen Raiden, and you can find some of her wonderful red leather pants clad ass screen shots below. One thing you can always be sure of in any Joss Whedon produced show is that there will be seriously hot women, his taste is impeccable.

Riddick is a very good movie. It falls short of being a great movie for reasons I’m really not clear about. I find it really hard to find any fault in any aspect of the movie, but somehow when you add all these skilled elements together it amounts to a good movie rather than a great one. What they needed to add is not something I can figure out. Although, more of Alexa would certainly have made me happy.

One lucky character gets to run his hands over her bum in one scene, although he does pay the ultimate price for the experience.

Alexa spends most of the movie clad in seriously tight army pants. These describe her curves closer than the leather pants. In the pics here you can just see the slightest bit asscrack too. Maybe not obvious due to the quality of the pics, however if one was, for example, to see the movie projected and blown up onto your wall, and were to go and look really closely you can see it quite well. Um, not that I necessary have done that…

Alexa is certainly one of the hottest women in showbusiness; directors and producers, you need to be hiring her more often.

Alexa 1