There was really one one possible choice. Although there were very strong contenders, Ali wins hands down. Or Pants down to be more precise.

Her bottom is as close to perfection as we have seen this year. A special thank you to both her and the directors and producers of the show “Heroes” for letting us see so much of it. I hope you continue to explore her naughty and nice sides by showing us much more in 2007. It’s a great show for many reasons, not just this one.

So that’s it for 2006. The Quest continues in 2007. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect bottom than Ali’s, however we are going to keep searching until we find the ultimate and most perfect specimen there could ever be.

In the meantime enjoy a little more of Ali in little more than panties from the first episode of “Heroes”

Ali 1
Ali 2
Ali 3
Ali 4
Ali 5
Ali 6

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