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This is off topic, but it’s such a fun idea that I have to share it.

Much as I am a fan of traditional sports such as baseball, I’ve never understood why there’s so much male domination in sport. I appreciate seeing Derek Jeter get on base, but I’d rather admire Jessica Biel’s body. I’m sure many male sports fans agree – um well maybe not Sox fans…

So why is Beach Volleyball with it’s hot toned female athletes in bikinis – America’s greatest addition to the Olympiad – not shown with all the fervor and ratings of Monday Night Football? I have no idea.

Hope is at hand. Forget wrestling, some folks have set up a professional girls pillowfighting league. Although the girls seem to be overdressed (and not in cheerleader outfits for some strange reason) I suspect the action is extremely exciting. Oh, and aren’t the stats going to be so much more fun than on base percentage!

I think this needs to be televised. I think there needs to be a World Championship.

I have seen the future and it is filled with down.

Seriously though girls, think about the cheerleader outfits. Or maybe bikinis or underwear? You’ll make a fortune.

Major League Pillowfighting


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Michelle must have looked great in a tight air force uniform. Sadly we may never see her like that again since she was discharged for posing for these pics.

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The supermarket tabloids are indicating that Jessica was flirting with Justin Timberlake recently. We can only hope that, what ever happened, it doesn’t have a negative effect on Derek’s batting average this season.

Here’s some incredible pics of Jessica’s incredible bum, including one that’s offtopic, but since it’s a magnificent cameltoe, I don’t think anyone will mind!

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This French singer is new to me but I shall be following (behind) her career closely from now on.

So the Oscar Nominations are out. For the most part there’s some great choices there, barring Children of Men whose popularity continues to astound me, especially for cinematography. 1970’s Dr Who styled productions must be in vogue. I really must have seen a completely different movie from everyone else.

One serious omission is SherryBaby. This movie never got wide distribution. It is not exactly a light hearted romp, but I’m sure it could have done good business. Either way, it surely should have had recognition for Maggie’s performance at the very least. The script was excellent as was the direction, all in all one of the best movies I saw last year. Rent it, seriously. It’s excellent.

The great thing about Maggie is that she’s one brave lady. Not afraid to take on challenging, or unusual roles, and those requiring extensive nudity. For this I, for one, am extremely grateful.

SherryBaby doesn’t disappoint for this point of view either I should add, in case you need an extra incentive to see the movie.

Here’s that talented bottom you saw soundly spanked in Secretary.

I’ve always thought she was under-rated. There’s no doubt she’s one seriously hot blonde. She seemed to be hired on this basis alone, and I do feel she could de more.

IMDb reports she was a cheerleader when younger. Stop for a moment and consider this… and… relax.

Warning, watch this with the sound turned down. The music is awful.

Babe Strips

The so-called Posh spice girl. Never understood why, as we’ve seen no evidence of class. Naming your child Staten Island or whatever other similar ridiculous moniker dispels any likely rumors of breeding.

She’s leaving the UK to be with her husband David Beckham as he will now be playing major league soccer in the US.

We dare say many of the UK’s fashion designers will be filing for bankruptcy, as Victoria seemed to be the gullible test pilot for many of their more incredible flights of fancy.

Victoria is perpetually a curiously unnatural orange color, indicating her possible extraterrestrial origins, or possibly color blindness. She’s also wafer thin and looks like she’d snap in a moderate breeze.

Despite this, her butt isn’t the worst we’ve seen, orange or otherwise.

Something for the weekend.

Those of you outside the UK or India have probably missed the goings on in the chav-in-the-box UK Big Brother house this week.

This is celebrity Big Brother, and you can easily be forgiven if you’ve heard of none of the occupants of the house. We’re not talking A-list celebs, in fact were not talking anything in the first ten letters of the alphabet here.

Jade, who is a previous chav-in-the-box winner, prior to this week is seemingly famous for being fat and of markedly low intelligence. Now she’s likely the pin-up girl of the British National Party or the Klan. Seems she and some of her cronies in the house have been making remarks to Bollywood star Shilpa that have been construed as racist. It’s major news in the UK and India, and questions have been asked in Parliament.

Probably not useful questions like “why has Channel 4 dropped in quality by an order of magnitude every day since Jeremy Isaacs left?” That’s a question for which I’d love a solution.

I’m not sure why anyone is surpised by this turn of events. When the decision was made to put unfettered white trash on live TV, they started the countdown to incidents just like this. It was inevitable. Thus, wholly irresponsible.

Anyway, Jade got kicked out of the house tonight. So there’s an even money chance we may never hear from her again. We can only hope.

Anyway, here’s my take on the competition:

Shilpa’s perfect ass

Jade, a total arse

The Greenpeace Zodiac is just out of shot to the left.

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