I thought I ‘d give Dr Who fans a little treat.

Billie has a most typical bouncy and bountiful British bum. I haven’t seen the Doctor’s new assistant, but I’m sure it will be hard to replace Rose.

She’s a smart girl, her pop career was short lived but perfectly executed. I can’t say I’m a fan of that type of music but it was well crafted for its target market.

Her marriage to Chris Evans was harder to fathom. I find it hard to imagine someone other than Chris who irritated me more in the late 90s. She was young and foolish… we all make mistakes when we are young. It didn’t hurt her career.

Her future as an actress seems promising. She still has a little to learn but the looks and charisma are there for bigger stardom for sure. She’s a like laddette version of Kate Winslet or Sophia Miles. (Both of whom we shall be taking a closer look at soon).