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I finally saw Eyes wide Open. Yes, I know everyone else pretty much has already. So this isn’t news.

I guess I avoided it because although Stanley Kubrick is certainly a great filmmaker, I have tended to nod off during his movies. The fact that neither Tom Cruise, nor Nicole Kidman are actors I enjoy watching much are also part of the reason. Perfectly capable, just not people who excite me to go to the cinema normally.

I regret this now of course. It’s a great movie, certainly the one of Kubrick’s I’ve enjoyed the most. I was awake the whole time. I love its claustrophobia and paranoia, the film noiriness, that it plays with its audience’s expectations and the whole strangeness and absurdity of it all.

It’s not just Nicole, there’s lots of bottoms. The camera slowly circling the initiates at the ceremony in the house almost exactly at bum level was a fine piece of filmmaking.

The fact that Nicole’s bottom was in full view, and beautifully backlit too I may add, was soothing to my eyes.

Could this be one of the most perfect bottoms? Certainly the expert cinematography helps, so it’s hard to be certain. I guess I have to keep looking.


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