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Keira Knightley Sexy Dance?

This clip claims to be Keira. Not entirely convinced it is. Really doesn’t look like her to me. It not from any movie I’ve seen her in.

Well, whether it is her or not, it’s a nice little clip of sexy ass nonetheless.

So I’m not complaining.

One of the most interesting things about Keira is her affect on women. Mention her name in a woman’s company and get a scornful look, or perhaps an even stronger reaction. Women seem to hate her.

I have no idea why. No woman has ever expressed a rational reason to me. Could be that’s she’s too thin, or invading their territory where Johnny Depp is concerned. Who knows! It makes no sense.

Certainly, it would be fair comment to note that she’s neither a gifted actress nor the sharpest pencil in Hollywood. It would be reasonable to note that she’s been in some seriously bad movies. Come the end of the 21st Century, “King Arthur”, has to rate as one of the worst movies made in a hundred years, even though we still have 93 years to go.

Many men however, and myself included, do enjoy her. She lacks the charisma, talent and beauty of Kate Winslet or Sophia Myles, but she does have teensy little breasts and a bum that doesn’t look so typically British. Always a pleasure to look at, despite some of her acting choices.