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Children of men is a puzzle. I saw it some months ago when it was released in Europe. Now that it’s on general release in the US, by all accounts it’s getting great reviews and good box office returns.

Which makes me wonder if there’s another movie of the same name…

Julianne Moore is an actress whose name is guaranteed to sell me a movie ticket. She’s one of the best actresses on the planet and a seriously hot woman. That was what got me into Children of Men.

Despite my posts here, I’m not a big sci-fi fan. I enjoy it when it is exceptionally well written, and when it makes me think (or if there’s a hot bum in it 🙂 ). Post apocalyptic Sci-fi in particular has often left me unmoved. Mainly because they’ve failed in some way to extrapolate human experience in a manner I believe.

Bearing this in mind, I was set to only enjoy Ms Moore and keep an open mind for the rest of the movie.

Problem is, Julianne is only in the movie for a few minutes of screen time. She was obviously out of the very small budget this movie looked as though it had. I feel cheated.

The other 90 or so minutes of Julianne free footage looked like a 1970’s episode of Dr Who in terms of effects, acting and direction, but without the sometimes innovative script that pulled Dr Who out from the cheapness of it all.

The bomb in the beginning was almost good, but it went on down from there. I didn’t see anything new I hadn’t seen in several other scripts from the past 30 years.

Obviously it’s just me, because everyone else likes it. True, not the worst post apocalyptic movie I’ve seen – that honour is reserved for 28 Days Later. Which was an appalling waste of DV, whose only saving grace is that it was indeed DV, and not an ever bigger waste of film.

Children of Men also falls far far short of Soylent Green, the best post apocalypse movie I’ve seen so far.

Let me compensate with some shots of Julianne’s bum from The Big Lebowski. A true masterpiece of a movie on so many levels.

Now, if the Coen’s were only to do Sci-Fi… wouldn’t that be interesting!

Dear Joel and Ethan, please please please remake Forbidden Planet with an ukelele playing automata instead of Robbie and add the usual suspects of Clooney, Turturro, Hanks, McDormand etc etc etc. I promise not to make any claim on this idea if you guys are involved and reading this. The World needs a Coen Brothers Sci-Fi adventure.