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I’ve been going through an Aaron Sorkin-a-thon over the past few weeks. Mainly Sports Night and The West Wing to be precise.

I regret that, so far, I’m unable to show you some pics of Sabrina Lloyd’s bottom. For it is beautiful, as delightfully pert and quirky as her character on Sports Night.

However, let me make amends for this by offering you a look at Playboy babe Terri Polo. I don’t mean to imply that’s she’s in any way second best, she’s merely different – equally hot in different ways.

Would indeed have made a fine first lady in fact.

Teri can be seen in the show “Wedding Bells” alongside the unbelievably gorgeous Sarah Jones. Can’t find decent botty pics of Sarah yet, but believe me I am looking very hard indeed. It’s a David E. Kelly show – thus shares the fabulous writing and production talent that’s always on his shows.

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