So the Oscar Nominations are out. For the most part there’s some great choices there, barring Children of Men whose popularity continues to astound me, especially for cinematography. 1970’s Dr Who styled productions must be in vogue. I really must have seen a completely different movie from everyone else.

One serious omission is SherryBaby. This movie never got wide distribution. It is not exactly a light hearted romp, but I’m sure it could have done good business. Either way, it surely should have had recognition for Maggie’s performance at the very least. The script was excellent as was the direction, all in all one of the best movies I saw last year. Rent it, seriously. It’s excellent.

The great thing about Maggie is that she’s one brave lady. Not afraid to take on challenging, or unusual roles, and those requiring extensive nudity. For this I, for one, am extremely grateful.

SherryBaby doesn’t disappoint for this point of view either I should add, in case you need an extra incentive to see the movie.

Here’s that talented bottom you saw soundly spanked in Secretary.