This is off topic, but it’s such a fun idea that I have to share it.

Much as I am a fan of traditional sports such as baseball, I’ve never understood why there’s so much male domination in sport. I appreciate seeing Derek Jeter get on base, but I’d rather admire Jessica Biel’s body. I’m sure many male sports fans agree – um well maybe not Sox fans…

So why is Beach Volleyball with it’s hot toned female athletes in bikinis – America’s greatest addition to the Olympiad – not shown with all the fervor and ratings of Monday Night Football? I have no idea.

Hope is at hand. Forget wrestling, some folks have set up a professional girls pillowfighting league. Although the girls seem to be overdressed (and not in cheerleader outfits for some strange reason) I suspect the action is extremely exciting. Oh, and aren’t the stats going to be so much more fun than on base percentage!

I think this needs to be televised. I think there needs to be a World Championship.

I have seen the future and it is filled with down.

Seriously though girls, think about the cheerleader outfits. Or maybe bikinis or underwear? You’ll make a fortune.

Major League Pillowfighting


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