Watching the movie “A Life Less Ordinary” the other day. It’s about 20 mins too long, and contains Ewan McGregor, but it could have been worse. The high point being that Miss Diaz is perfectly framed in a swimsuit and little black panties at points in the movie.

It surprised me to find something enjoyable in a movie that’s been made by Andrew MacDonald and Danny Boyle. Collectively they are responsible for some of the most superficial, shallow, pointless, smartass movies ever made. They also share the honor of producing in my opinion the singular worst movie ever made*, namely – 28 Days Later. Why on earth anyone would wish to make a sequel to that worthless piece of crap is beyond me.

(*I haven’t seen, and won’t be seeing, “Sunshine” by all accounts that may be even worse than 28 Days.)

Anyway, back to the enjoyable subject at hand. Cameron’s ass is most certainly not ordinary – I wish it were, then we’d have so many to compare it with. Her bum is delightful in its compactness. A juicy little peach. Here’s some examples to prove my point.