Yes, it is another sex blog. However, it’s not just another sex blog. This one is written by woman. Well written, to be precise.

Ok, so this post is slightly off topic, but indulge me, because I think it’s worth it.

This lady was kind enough to make a post about The Quest on her blog. It caught my eye and I started reading. Please do so yourselves, it’s delightful. It is a poetic exploration of sexuality from a woman’s point of view, which is not to say it isn’t occasionally raunchy and exciting, it certainly is that.

She is open, honest and seems self knowing, or if not yet fully self knowing, keen to explore herself to achieve self knowledge. Her blog is in many ways a celebration of her mind and body. While I have had the pleasure of knowing some women who are as open as she is, it is rare to see it expressed in words so publicly and so well. We need more of this.

I think many of us as men are sometimes made to feel guilty about porn or our enjoyment of the beautiful physical attributes of a woman, by a vocal minority of women who are not as open and confident about their own urges, mind or body as they could be.

Personally I feel that this guilt trip is unfair. It is not right to blame men (and many women) for their enjoyment of such things. As I hope I have tried to show with my own blog (ok, sometimes a little tackily I admit) that my appreciation of the female bottom is very much, truthfully, in the same way that I might appreciate a work by Canova, or Sibelius, or perhaps a beautiful flower.

Of course the further joy of a bottom is that you can also have more fun interacting with it that you can with a Canova. I, for one, enjoy all the possible interactions with a female bottom whenever I can, for her pleasure as well as mine. Seriously, kids don’t try those things with a Canova, it’ll hurt and you’ll get arrested.

I adore women, I respect them greatly. I truly do. (um, though maybe not Celebutards so much…) My blog is intended to be a celebration of one aspect of them, which is not to say I don’t enjoy other aspects of them too.

This lady’s blog gives me hope. So, if your girlfriend or wife or colleague or whatever woman is making you feel guilty about reading my blog, or other form of adult entertainment. Please ask them to read “Another Sex Blog”. Show them what they are missing.

Back on topic, she states that she tends to attract guys who like booty. Unfortunately, although there are a few very nice pictures of her on her blog, there aren’t any of her botty. My guess is that, 1. those booty guys are attracted for a good reason, and 2. judging by her picture from the front, there is something special back there.

Not sure if we can persuade her to allow us to appreciate it more fully, but we can only ask.