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Dirt, this season’s new show from Courtney Cox, has been promising a great deal. A more unFriendly show than many would expect. It’s quite brilliant on many levels.

The cast is truly fantastic. Ian Hart’s work screams “award me”. The writing is brave, insightful and the characters completely convincing. Camera, editing and production design are very innovative and complementary to the production. With Courtney’s history of the paparazzi, it’s extremely easy to believe that there’s authenticity to many of the stories depicted.

With the bravery of the show and the truly beautiful cast I had hoped to see a lot more bared bottom. Despite Courtney’s character masturbating, Laura Allen’s drug crazed lesbianism and the truly gorgeous Alexandra Breckenridge banging her boss, there’s been little in the way of flashed booty.

Until last week that was.

Sadly, while Alexandra is in shot, she’s not the one whose ass you see here. That belongs to young actor Olivia Hardt. I’m not complaining. Olivia has a beautiful bum and moved it with style and sex appeal. I am grateful. I just wanted to see Alexandra’s too. Not a great deal to ask I think!

You can briefly see more of Olivia in “Epic Movie” as one of the Fauns, and she’s also shooting a movie to be released in 2008 called Spring Breakdown, also starring the very talented Parker Posey. That’s a movie I really want to see. I expect we will also be seeing much more of Olivia in years to come.

Still to look forward to in next week’s Dirt is fellow Friends cast member, and much admired on these pages, Jennifer Aniston. She’s slated to appear in the season finale. I will watch with baited breath – just in case…

The Arquettes have done a fantastic job producing this show, it’s really one of the most exciting productions this year. Long may it continue.