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I’ve no idea why it’s taken me so long to include Nadine in The Quest.

I’m of the opinion that My Name is Earl is possibly the funniest TV show ever made. The “Cops” episode was possibly the funniest half hour of my life. Fabulous cast, sharp direction and just the wittiest writing that seems to be ever more inventive.

Nadine is no less sexy than Jaime. It’s nice to have a little brunette action in contrast to blonde. Her character is all fire and fun. Dressed in tight jeans and sometimes half dressed in bikinis, she’s beautiful to behold.

I think I had my first crush on Agnetha. It’s easy to see why.

Perhaps those of you born after the seventies can’t fully appreciate what an incredible world wide phenomenon Abba were. The music appealled to most, and for those of us outside of Sweden these were among the first hot babes we’d seen from those lands. The tight one piece jump suits were just icing on the cake.

Swedish girls, you need to travel more, and perhaps wear less.

I’m not familiar with her work myself. Somehow I’ve so far missed every movie she’s been in.

Still, looks like I need to catch the next one, if these bikini pics are anything to go by.