My hopes were raised when I read that Jenna is naked on the cover of Wire. They lowered again quickly when I realized this was too good to be true. So, no, you don’t see much.

Jenna is firmly in my list of “Top Ten People whose Bums I’d like to see Unclothed”. Never in a Playboy type shoot, but in a funny cheeky cute spread that flashes just enough.

Her work on the Office is fabulous. Everyone’s work on the Office is fabulous. Hmmm, to clarify, I’m talking about the US version of the show. The original UK one, while the writing was great, suffered badly from overacting and poor production values. I hated it, but I love the US one.

There are some great comedy actors in the UK, so there’s no excuse for that one, but honestly I’m not sure that there are many good producers, lighting techs or cameramen in the TV industry in UK. It’s such a closed shop that the real talent gets shut out. The US Office really should serve as a wake up call to the UK industry, this is what you can do with a great concept, for much the same money.

Anyway, enjoy this wonderful picture of Jenna. If only she’d turned a few degrees to her right. Maybe next time.