Yesterday I said that Anne’s bottom might be perfect. A rash statement and one that needed more research. So I dutifully went out and took a look at the movie where those stills came from – Havoc (uncut) – in case there was some more to see. Oh, and there was!

Quite a good movie, and one I highly recommend. Anne is as hot as a sunny day in hades, and turns out a great acting performance too. The scene, the one you see shots of here, with her half inch hard nipple and hand in her panties, is breathtaking despite the lack of bottom exposure. It’s actually harder to get a shot of that type working well than many would believe, all credit to Anne and the Director.

I’ve taken the rare opportunity to show you some boobies too, because I find Anne’s lovely to behold – something I rarely ever care about. Good grief, I do love those nipples too.

But… you may ask, is her bottom perfect? In all honesty, after very careful consideration, I still think that it may well be.

Though I still need to keep searching just to make sure… can’t be too careful!