In honor of the finale of Dirt yesterday, I thought I’d share this pic of Shannyn. She did return in that episode after all.

Still nothing for Alexandra Breckenridge, I’m very sorry to say. No juicy shots of Jennifer Aniston either sadly…

However, I would like to another brief moment off-topic to extol the show as a whole, and the editing and direction in particular. Matthew Carnahan, in the unlikely event that you are reading this, I’d like to give you a tip of my hat and a round of applause for your direction of the final knife fight. That was new to me, and it was very very very good. The cuts to black had me on the edge of my seat. Powerful stuff, and a great way to end a season.

Some of the best innovators in the whole entertainment industry work in US TV. Pretty much everyone on Dirt seemed to be the cream of the crop.

There better be a season 2. (If there is can I please please pretty please have some nice reverse close-ups of Alexandra? It’s a small thing to ask, I think)