I do like her bum. I do not like her “acting”. The stills below are from the movie “Copying Beethoven”. I hope you’ve not seen this movie.

I had high expectations of it. Bearing the excellent movie “Amadeus” in mind, director Agnieszka Holland studied with Milos Forman in Prague. I expected a masterpiece, especially as much as I dislike Mozart, I do love Beethoven.

However, Copying Beethoven is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Diane, of course, is as awful as usual. Ed Harris provides a great performance of a man who is as far unlike Beethoven from anything I’ve ever read about him (which is a great deal) – or as can be inferred from his music. Problem is… he’s supposed to be the composer and that’s not what was delivered – not his fault I think. The blame for that goes firmly to the writer and Ms Holland. The rest of the cast would be better left on the cutting room floor – they were simply cartoon characters.

The plot is preposterous, and is wholly untruthful in a wholly unbelievable way. It is extremely disrespectful to one of the greatest composers who ever lived. To make matters worse, the Orchestra performing the music is out of sync with the the score.

The one saving grace is captured below, a tiny brief flash of Diane’s bum.

Copying Beethoven is a nightmare, and a complete waste of good celluloid.

Please, avoid this movie at all costs.

Diane is completely naked HERE