For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it’s pretty much Spring. So, my thoughts turned to sporting activities.

Tennis, is nowhere near as great as Beach Volleyball (I’m still waiting for 24 hour Volleyball TV people …), however it does have its moments. To my mind it used to be better in the days before most of the girls looked like mustache wielding Slovakian tractor drivers, but there are a few out there who are worth a sneaky glimpse up their skirts when they bend to receive service.

Martina Hingis, call her Swiss all you like, but I do have a fondness for Czech girls. One based on extensive personal research and experience I’m leased to say. Martina has, what looks to me like a typical Czech bum. Rounder and a little wider than the European average and very much to my tastes.

Anna Kournikova – Never the greatest tennis player in the World, and really who cares! Bill Simmons over at ESPN wrote a magnificently entertaining column about her a few months back. I highly recommend it.

These are lovely pics of her ass, though sometimes it looks a little muscley to me in others. She probably needs to work out more on her back, or even better, front. I can think of ways to help her with this.

I don’t think this is anyone famous. Just a random pic I found with an ass and tennis theme. Nice, isn’t it?

Serena Williams – Heading towards the Ghetto Booty kind of shape which personally doesn’t do much for me. Though this is a beautiful buttcrack.

Maria Sharapova – Lovely shape, lovely pink panties. Need I say more – enjoy!

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