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Greetings and felicitations to all ye merry knights whom enjoin me in this most noble of quests. I present for ye here on this day the Mistress Brewster for thine delectation and delight. A fair maiden, whose most comely arse would verily quicken the pulse of a bishop.

(time machine sound effect) whawhooooosh! (/time machine sound effect)

Ok, so this is from The Tudors. A new Showtime show which I assume is an answer to HBO’s Rome to some degree. I watched a few episodes of Rome. I was impressed with the production design, costume and the set. The writing did I think encapture some of the lesser known nuances of daily Imperial Roman life. At least that’s my understanding from some research I had to do for a movie script on Republican Rome some years ago now. However, I gave up watching Rome because the directing was a bit flat. They had great actors but honestly not very well cast in their roles – it seemed to me a bit Shakespearian. A shame when they’d gone to so much trouble with authenticity in other departments.

So, that was the background to my approach to The Tudors. However, I’m very impressed with this new show. Fabulous cast, all of them, but Jonathan Rhys Myers does a great job, and looks a more than a little like a young Henry VIII too. They’re shooting on location in big echo-y dark buildings with mixed light sources and the shots look and sound beautiful. The camera also moves well, as do the actors and the plot. The director’s left me looking forward to the next episode. It looks fresh and modern and yet authentic to the period.

And of course there’s also the part and parts of Anna Brewster. She had a small role but did impress. I hope we see a lot more of her in this show, and many others to come. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn. You can be ASSured that any glimpses of her bottom will be recorded for posterity.

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