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I’ve shown you video of her before, but I thought it was time to give you some still pictures and another video to enjoy her magnificent French bottom in sharper clarity.

A true Corsican pop sensation with great moves and dressed to thrill. I’m always a fan of little black shorts.

And that previous video is HERE

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Well, Playboy bunny…

I enjoyed the pic of her I posted a few days ago so much, that I thought I’d share some more with you.

Anyone so inclined can also go an see her new movie “I Want Candy”. I haven’t seen it. Note though, that she’s the leading lady, and I recognized no-one else in the cast list. For the talents of her physique, her acting is rarely reaching those peaks – I don’t have great hopes for the movie.

This first pic in the green swimsuit is particularly interesting. Look at how soft and inviting the curves of her bum are in this picture. Makes me realize that women so very often have no idea of what underwear makes them look their most attractive. To my eyes Carmen looks better in this pic than any of the others I’ve seen of her, I’m sure that would surprise her.

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