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As promised, more on the girls of Grindhouse.

Firstly, and slightly off topic, distributors never cease to amaze me. If there is anyone more guilty of cynicism and holding back filmmakers than movie distributors then let me know.

For all the criticism studios get for hands-on production changes to make bucks, or for green lighting empty soulless cash generating vehicles, they are only trying to satisfy the distributors. It’s them who decide what you see, and when and how you see it. And in case you are in any doubt, few of them are filmmakers. I imagine that, in fact, they have little interest or understanding of film at all.

Which leads me to question of why they would seek to kill half the fun of Grindhouse by splitting it up into separate movies. This is exactly what they intend to do in some markets – e.g. France. The films there will be released not only not as a double bill, but not even in the same month. I’ve also heard rumors that they’ll be “correcting” the prints too, no scratches, dust or audio crackle.

Of course, the fact that this pretty much ensures two ticket sales, is – I’m sure – unrelated.

Rumor also is that in the US, there seems to be a significant numbers of cinema patrons that didn’t get that it was a double feature and are leaving after the first movie. How dumb are some people? Or are they simply used to be cheated at their local megaplex?

So to counter this there is also talk of splitting the movies in the US too. Again surely, two ticket sales is something they didn’t consider. I mean, why would they?

I’m firmly of the opinion that one of the biggest reasons that people turn to movie piracy is that distributors for the most part, deeply suck.

So here’s an idea for the summer. Get yourselves a copy of the complete version of Grindhouse, buy, beg, or borrow a projector and find somewhere to project it outside to give you that authentic drive in feel. Grindhouse parties – it’s the way to go. Especially since the accountants and marketing droids are denying you the right to see the movies as intended by the filmmakers.

I have now seen the movies. All I can say right now is…. awesome! I’ve been waiting to see these since the project was announced about 18 months ago. I am in no way disappointed. This is a masterpiece of cinema.

I’ll review them in more depth in a later post (I did promise you a series of posts, didn’t I? The movies are so great that I have a lot to say about them.)

In the meantime from Planet Terror, here’s a look at the tidy little bum of Marley Shelton.

And here’s a look at the sexy curves of Meriah Nelson from the trailer for “Werewolf Women of the SS” (Which is a title to die for).

Grindhouse – Rose McGowan, Exploited Ass.