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Kylie’s got together with bargain basement Swedish clothing retailer H&M to launch a new series of swimwear.

Well, any excuse to look at Kylie’s bum.

She’s previously had her name on underwear. Which, I have to say didn’t do much for me personally. That see-thru material is always a little coarse to the touch. I like my bottoms and the garments their clothed in to be soft.

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When I first started this blog I swore there was two people that I would never write about.

I’m not doing well. The first was Britney, and I broke that some months ago – though in my defense, this was only to point out what an imperfect bottom she has.

So here I am today breaking my promise again – here’s the Parisite herself. I’m inclined to agree with many people in that she appears to be the single largest waste of good carbons atoms on the planet (if not the known universe). However, I am forced to admit one thing. For all the unattractiveness of the view from the front, the rear view is pretty good.

One small saving grace in a lifetime of vapitidy.

In the picture below, Paris is the one on the right (just in case you weren’t sure – I know I had to look twice)