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Episode 2 was a little disappointing from the bottom point of view. It was otherwise still as great as the first episode from every other perspective.

The show is progressing nicely. I particularly enjoy the little things, for example there’s not really any need to specifically name Thomas Tallis, but for those of us who have heard of him, it’s a pleasant way of attending to detail.

Sadly Anna Brewster seems to no longer be in the show. I hope we see more of her somewhere else.

In Episode 3, as if to to make up for that, is this truly stunning seat of a chambermaid. No idea who this is though – it’s hard to say because for reasons unknown, this girl joins the ranks of many, many British actresses in having next to no details on IMDb (normal or Pro). Do they not realize that this may be next to career suicide. Parochial lot, these Brits.

Anyway, such a truly beautiful bottom deserves great stardom. It is absolutely exquisite, is it not? I hope she reaches great heights. I’ve taken the unusual step of including a front pic too – she’s not just a pretty bum.

(Note the focus pull – for one sad moment I thought1 that the focus would be deep, but no!!! It pulled back to sharpen her pert cheeks. Now that’s a great cameraman and director!)

And this is the naked front of beautiful Natalie Dormer. So far this is all to be glimpsed. Like her character in the show, she may be tempting and teasing us to keep us watching in the hope of seeing more. Well, it works… This, despite the fact that the show is great and it keeps me waiting for the next episode regardless.

Check back regularly, if Natalie’s naked body becomes more freely available you will see it on these pages – that’s a promise!

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