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I’m still angry about the cancellation of “Firefly”. Just thought I’d get that in.

Thus it pleases me greatly to see, at the very least, Nathan Fillion and Tim Minear reunited. Nathan is one of the world’s most underappreciated actors.

The original premise of Drive didn’t excite me too much. Illegal road race – seemed a little alpha male macho and low IQ fodder. Mind you, I felt the same about the original premise of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, cute cheerleader kills vampire week after week. Of course with Buffy the premise was turned on it’s head, and the superficial plot largely irrelevant. It’s still one of the best shows every made.

So too, it seems with Drive. First episode was a little slower than I’d hoped for, but the second delivered perfectly. The addition of Amy Acker was a very pleasant surprise. She’s my third favorite Buffyverse actor after Emma Caulfield and Charisma Carpenter – but there’s not much in it.

The characters in Drive clearly have secrets. There’s obviously a lot more going on than we know about so far. Hopefully (Fox willing) we’ll actually get to see the story develop. As with Firefly, being one of the best shows on TV isn’t enough for the more braindead executives at Fox.

Aside from the fabulous acting (superb cast across the board) and intriguing writing, they are balancing the action and drama very well. Very good cinematography and directing, excellent pace and rhythm and I love the scene change satellite zoom in – it’s very unnerving.

Of course it’s not just creative talent. With any show related to the Buffyverse I’m hoping for hot actresses. I am not in any way disappointed with the casting here. These girls are hot, and here’s why…

Mircea Monroe

Taryn Manning

Kristin Lehman

And a little Amy Acker bonus

Now, if only Morena and Jewel aren’t busy, maybe they could just you know, pop in for a few shots – reverse angle is fine…