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As previously promised, here’s the 18 or 19 year old Jennifer in her full glory. Enjoy your fill of those beautiful sun-kissed cheeks. There’s even some breasts thrown in for those that like them.

(The other girl is Debra Cole – not sure what her bottom is like.)

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Here’s a little bonus. These are also from “The Hot Spot”.

I’m fond of Virginia. I find she’s a little overlooked as an actress these days. The few of you who caught “Smith” probably realized what a wonderfully understated performance she gave in that show. It was a great show, and a real failing on behalf of the network that it got canceled.

Although Virginia’s breasts are a fairly common sight, it’s very rare to see her bottom, let alone bare as in the pic here. It’s still hard to tell from the quality of these images how perfect her bottom is.

Her raw sexuality is very apparent in her role in The Hot Spot. Dennis Hopper’s sweltering claustrophobic atmosphere also helps. It’s a very interesting movie.

I’m teasing you this morning. Take a look at these pictures of Jennifer’s tempting tushie. They’re from the Dennis Hopper movie “The Hot Spot”. Hot, this movie most certainly is.

Jennifer was probably either 18 or 19 years old at this point, and in perfect physical shape.

So where’s the tease? Well, how would you like to see similar shots of Jennifer without the bikini? I mean completely naked?

Tune in again later today for exactly that – Teenage Jennifer’s fully naked and truly beautiful bottom, bent over with cheeks apart!!!

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