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I’ve not seen the movie. Looks like a good cast for the most part.

I never know what to make of Halle. She won an Oscar for an hysterical performance that was only upstaged by her Oscar winning speech histrionics. She deservedly won a Raspberry for Catwoman, a gawd-awful performance in one of the worst movies ever made.

She was disappointing in the X-Men movies, possibly the least attractive of a very attractive female cast. X-Men 1 and 2 were not the best movies ever made, and X-Men 3 was such a forgettable abomination, that we can safely say there won’t be another X-Men movie in this generation. Way to go Brett Ratner, true to form as always.

She personally, seems to be, hmmm shall we say “emotionally dynamic”? High maintenance? Best avoided in all likelihood.

So how about her bottom? Not sure, not sure at all… Don’t think I like it much. While quite toned it still protrudes a little, is more elongated than pert, and is a bit hippy. Not bad, but not great.