Now these are cookies after my own heart. Seemingly inspired by Uma, and I can see the resemblance.

I guess you’ve getting withdrawal symptoms – unless you live in the UK where she’s starring in Virgin commercials. She’s been rarely seen since “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” a surprisingly entertaining movie. Finally bringing her together with Eddie Izzard in a movie that delivered. Something their last pairing , in The Avengers could not have failed to do more. I feel that is one of the biggest blown saves in movie history. Uma in tight pvc and riding the success of a popular TV show – should never have failed. I think there were “suits” involved. Suits can kill anything.

Looks like we won’t be seeing much of her until later this year in a couple of new movies – “In Bloom” and “The Accidental Husband”.

So, in the meantime enjoy these beautiful whaletail and bikini shots. She may be 37 on the 29th April, but she’s still as hot as it gets.

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