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Of course I only vaguely know who she is. You know by now I’ve no knowledge of pop music.

I know she tried to be an actress and didn’t seem to cut it – hard to tell how good she was from the minuscule screen time she had on The Aviator.

I think out of principle, I object to the the idea of pop icon turned “actor” anyway. It take years of work to become a good actor, never mind a great one – and it seems unfair that a role should go to a flavor of the month rather than someone who’s worked hard. It rarely works out anyway – Britney was as bad on screen as she is on record (or any other medium). Sting? Anyone care to defend that?

There are two reasons why I try to avoid pop icons here. Firstly, as aforementioned, I sit here writing whilst listening to Avro Pärt’s 3rd Symphony. This, I know about – pop music not so much.

Secondly, and more importantly, the music industry is pure unfettered evil.

There’s no way that I, in however a small way, want to be responsible for giving those assholes any more money. It’s not just the Payola, nor the soul sucking contracts that screw over young bands, nor the blandness and inanity of most of the accountant defined products, nor is it their Ozymandian fascination with DRM (DRM is theft – pure and simple), nor is it the protection racket tactics of the RIAA and their disgusting lawsuits.

It is actually for reasons such as Sony BMG. The BMG part used to be Bertelsmann until a couple of years ago. This is a German music company that in the 30s and 40s used Jewish slaves and promoted Na.zi songs and music – undoubtedly directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths and suffering of a great many people. They lied and hid this from view, until they were found out in a buy-out in 2002.

These are the people who run much of the music business. That’s why I avoid it. My advice I guess is, buy music direct from the artist, or second hand if you must buy it at all.

Ok, rant over…

I don’t think Gwen’s and especially attractive woman from the front . However, from the rear I like what I see. Some of those pics are post partum too, so she did a great job of staying in shape. Those jeans and the black pants describe a perfect plumlike posterior.