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Some of you may have noted that there are a few omissions in my Quest. There are some famous bottoms that should be recorded and examined here, and others that one would expect me to at least consider.

Naturally, time is one of the most obvious reason for many of these omissions. I will get around to your favorite booty eventually.

There is, however, another reason.

There are some women out there whom I adore. Whose bottoms should be enshrined in glory. Whose noble thighs inspired this Quest from the outset. If…

If… if I could only find pictures of their bums.

Sadly, it’s quite a long list. Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin, Gina Torres, Liv Tyler, Natalie Dormer, Alexandra Breckenridge, and more.

Which brings me to Kate. She was, and still pretty much is, on that list. At the top of it in fact. She’s easily in my top 5 list of most gorgeous women of all time. Possibly this is because she reminds me of the crushes I had on the St Trinians-esque gymslipped girls that were a few years above me in school.

Kate is a very beautiful woman and a talented actress that has spent a great deal of her career completely and utterly naked. She seems to be proud of her body, and she has every right to be. We’ve seen her breasts numerous times, her peeing in “Holy Smoke”, and full frontal close-up pubic hair nudity in “Jude”.

But, no bare butt. I have here the best shots I can find of it. Some of them are very old and rare.

These shots above are from some UK TV show in the early 1990’s. Today Kate has a wonderful cuddly curvy voluptuousness, back then she was even more cuddly.

Below are some shots of Kate’s feature debut in Heavenly Creatures (note, also starring Melanie Lynskey who has matured beautifully, and can be seen starring in “Drive“)