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I mentioned her yesterday in passing. I went away feeling guilty that I hadn’t at least acknowledged her considerable contribution to feminine beauty before now.

So here it is. Still far far far too few pics of her from behind. I have though, you’ll be pleased to note I hope, not included any of the rather scary number of fan pics of her on the Internet. There’s a lot of folks out there with elf sex issues and fetishes.

She’s an odd choice for an elf really. Traditionally one imagines elves to be tall, fair and with gazelle-like slenderness – Nordic essentially. Liv isn’t. She’s more of the Earth goddess type if anything – dark, sensual curvy and voluptuous. She has more of a bouncy British bum than a svelte Scandinavian seat.

Which isn’t to say that she was miscast or somehow failed to convey ethereal magic on screen. She is quite an enchantress in whichever form she takes.