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I hate Fox!!!

Like I said in my previous post on Drive, I am still angry about Firefly. Now, I am also angry about Drive. It got canceled today after only 4 episodes broadcast.

Fox executives are wholly retarded. Sure, they commission great shows. With both Firefly and Drive you had some of the singular best talent ever gathered together on TV, and not to mention some of the hottest ass on the planet. Then they screw up the marketing or the scheduling. Bang! They cancel before a show’s had the chance to gather momentum.

Seriously, is this good investing? Do they have no understanding of economics?

Or, is it simply that the average Fox viewer is retarded, and can’t therefore cope with a Whedon or Minear written script. Hence the low ratings? I do have more faith in the viewer than Fox Execs. Hmmm… although… 24’s success could be possible evidence for that hypothesis.

Look at the truly amazing ass of Miss Monroe. We will now be deprived of that object of wonder, along the amazing asses of the other ladies on the show, and the great acting, and the great writing. Until the next time. Until the next show that Fox won’t understand.

A letter writing campaign? That implies Fox executives can read. Think this is the way to go? I don’t.

One of the curious things about people who work for Fox – and I have met a few on my travels – is that they are usually reticent about telling you who their employer is, or cough in an embarrassed way when they mention the name. It’s easy to understand why.

Fox sucks. Did I mention that?

Here’s my previous post on Drive. I hope it helps.

Poor Shilpa. She seems to be inadvertently at the center of another scandal.

This innocent and talented Indian princess was las year the victim of racism at the hands of some of the trashiest, ignorant, talentless, ugliest and fattest vermin in UK society.

This time she’s a scandal back home thanks to being kissed in public by Richard Gere. Richard now has a warrant issued for his arrest. While I hate public displays of affection as much as the next person, there is nothing I hate more than censorship.

Censorship is pure evil. It is always pure evil. It breeds evil. It allows evil to flourish by driving it underground. Sorry India, but we won’t agree about this. Richard and Shilpa are innocent.

Here’s some beautiful pics of Shilpa’s magnificent and regal rear. Please also take a moment to enjoy the cameltoe clearly visible thanks to those tight sports pants.

More on Shilpa’s previous scandal HERE with more botty pictures of course.

Ali Larter or Hayden Panettiere would be enough by themselves. However, there are some bottoms on “Heroes” that I have not properly explored and appreciated.

Let’s start with Nora Zehetner, who plays Eden with such skilled malevolence. Although we’ve not seen much of her in Heroes, enjoy these screencaps from the movie “Conversations with Other Women”. I’ll work on getting some better quality grabs. Obviously I’d like to see her bottom in more detail.

I think this certainly shows is that she does have a trim little peach back there. Very nice of her to show it to us.

Enjoy a great deal of Ali Larter’s beautiful booty HERE

And Hayden Panettiere in panties HERE