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In honor of her appearance in the new Spiderman movie I though I’d celebrate Kirsten in style. This is part one, details of Part 2 can be found further down the page.

As I mentioned in my previous post on Marie Antoinette. I’ve begun to re-evaluate my perception of Miss Dunst. Partly this is due to viewing her performances in Crazy/Beautiful and Mona Lisa Smile. I was admittedly completely enchanted by her in Crazy/Beautiful – she seemed so natural and real. I found it to be a very convincing performance – and a seriously hot one from a bum perspective too.

So her ditziness that previously irked me, is now something I find deeply charming. The fact that she has an ass that is very very close to perfection does her no harm. The buttcrack pics are the icing on the cake. Nothing says “enjoy my ass” more than a buttcrack for me.

More, and much Better Marie Antoinette pics can be found HERE.

And the pic below is a glimpse at what Part 2 will bring. Close up shots of Kirsten’s beautiful teenage ass in panties.