Blonde or brunette? I’m coming down on the side of blonde. I would like to be sure what her natural color is though – maybe the Tudors can show us that…

I do like this portrait of her. It’s the wrong lens, so actually her face is a little distorted, but it sort of works. Perhaps it’s the eye make up. Hmm, just from this shot, if anyone was planning a remake of Bell, Book and Candle I’d be inclined to vote for Natalie in the Kim Novak role. One of my favorite movies I may add.

I have no doubt many of you share the desire to see Natalie without her bodice. So, to that end here’s some modern day pics of her. Although, still too encumbered by clothing, that clothing is in parts see-through, or at least fine enough to see her erect nipples through it.

Again, she’s still a fox and a tease, but a very beautiful and talented one.

(In the last pic here, the peroxide blonde, whom you’ve probably never heard of – she’s not very famous – is Hannah Spearmitt, also featured in little more than panties on these pages).

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