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Here’s part 2, in which we are going to take a look at the then teenage Kristen in Crazy/Beautiful.

Now these are not nice panties. Not at all.

From a director’s point of view, they do make sense for the character she’s playing. However, I do think he could have perhaps chosen a slightly more sexy color – pink, white, powder blue, all would have been better than gray.

Not to worry, at least they are figure hugging enough to define Kirsten’s bottom proudly. She has very rounded hips, I guess to balance her rather overlarge breasts, but her bum is really sweet and diminutive. With wider hips you’d expect a bigger booty behind. Thankfully not in her case; myself not being generally a fan of bigger booty.

This isn’t all. There is more. Coming soon in part 3.

In case you missed Part 1 – Bikinis and Buttcracks – it’s HERE