I have yet to make it through the second movie. I didn’t expect to enjoy the first movie, although I did. Johnny Depp stole the first movie but wasn’t enough to save the second.

Women may loathe her, and the red top press may be obsessed with her weight, but The Quest still likes her. Keira has a beautiful bum and elegant breasts. At some distant point in the future she may even learn to act, you never know.

I have no expectations for Pirates of the Caribbean – At the Worlds End. Obviously, it will be far superior to the second one if I can make to the end of the movie. It’s a Disney movie so there won’t be any bodice ripping – shame, because in addition to Keira, it’s worth keeping a weather eye peeled for Natalie Victoria.

Natalie seems to be getting a great deal of quiet attention building around her at the moment. I like what I see, so likely we will be taking a closer look at her, very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy some very British buttcrack and t-bar thong action.

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