So here’s a beautiful look at little Elisha’s hot cheeks. These are from the movie “The Girl Next Door”, which we must confess to absolutely hating.

It’s not so much that it’s a bad movie. While the script and the acting left much to be desired, it had some entertaining moments.

No, what irked us was their representation of the porn industry – that tired old cliché. Obviously working in the porn industry ourselves were are a little sensitive to this meme.

Here’s the off-the-shelf Larry Flynt-esque low class producer versus the successful big business Hugh Hefner. Stuck in the middle is the same tired old cliché of the victim with a heart and the strength to overcome all of them. It’s a hack! It’s obviously not written with any insight or experience into the truth of the business. To make matters worse, they seemed to confuse the porn industry with prostitution. Despite what many may think, these are not connected industries.

We guess at some point back in the days of print porn publishing there were guys in leopardskin and leather that were little more than pimps running the show. That, however, hasn’t been true for many years. In fact today the adult industry is very professional. We’d say more than half the producers We’ve met have been women.

One caveat though – we are continental European. We perhaps don’t suffer from the same level of repression, or misguided laws and attitudes, that have driven the adult industry underground into the arms of criminals in some other countries. Although, our understanding is that, in the most part, the US adult entertainment industry is reputable.

As evidence we offer this interesting article by Regina Lynn over at Wired.

We, as both male and female writers here at The Quest, have not personally seen any exploitation of anyone in this industry. Whereas we have seen horrific exploitation in some supposedly “reputable” big business corporations at all levels of employee.

In all seriousness the porn industry is one if the most ethical and honest on the entire planet. We are heavily scrutinized by governments. We don’t exploit slave labor, or child labor in factories in China. We don’t screw employees out of their pensions. We don’t factory farm cheap outsourced workers in Mumbai. We don’t make people work long hours for low pay. We don’t even destroy the environment.

We’re nice happy people, with great jobs.

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