The picture above shows Nicole in comparison to a more usual or typical Australian posterior. It’s hard to believe that she’s 39 years of age and still in possession of such a truly perfect bum.

Now wonder she’s happy to display it in it’s full naked glory.

The scenes below are from “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus”. This movie is a work of genius. Steven Shainberg is proving to be one of the most interesting and unique directors of his time.

You see, there’s this snobbery on both sides of the Atlantic that says that European movies are somehow better than American ones. The reason most often proffered being that European movies are writing and acting based whereas Hollywood is just gloss and CGI.

I don’t buy that for one single second. I think most European movies would make great stage plays but truly suck as movies. (Bertolluci and Fellini excepted, they are geniuses of cinema.)

Often, the director has no understanding of how light works, or how cameras work, or move, or what the film medium can do. In fact most Hollywood action flicks are better movies just for that very reason.

However, independent American directors do seem – as a rule – to understand the nature of cinema and utilize it to the max, even though they are rooted in the writing and acting much more than Hollywood.

Fur is one such example. This can only work as a movie. It is a visual splendor. It is a sight poem, an allegory and a profound expression of imagination that is more real than reality.

The choice of complementary colors, the azure and titian, even by themselves create the mood of what is a very brilliant movie.

Please do spoil yourself and see it, even if it is just to enjoy Nicole’s lovely bottom one more time.

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