If you are like me, you are really looking forward to the return of “Big Love” in a week or so. It’ll give us another opportunity to enjoy those big eyes of Amanda Seyfried. We fell in love with her in the first season of Veronica Mars. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy her bare bottom too. Her topless accomplice in this threeway from Alpha Dog is the equally lovely Amber Heard.
(We’ll be returning to Big Love soon.)

It’s quite a good movie overall. Good directorial choices in some of the way shots are presented. The story unravels in quite an interesting way. There’s some great performances – Ben Foster, Harry Dean Stanton and Heather Wahlquist in particular. However, and here’s the sad thing because it stops the movie being great, there are also some annoyingly poor to mediocre performances. To name a few: Emile Hirsch having not improved significantly since The Girl Next Door, and looking far too baby faced and uncharismatic to be a gang leader, Olivia Wilde being made of wood, and Dominique Swain shrieks piercingly through every one of her scenes.

Still you can enjoy her ass in tight jeans in the pic below. The other pic – not sure who that is.

Finally, enjoy the bottom of Heather Wahlquist. One review we read of the movie suggested Heather’s bum was mannish. We can’t agree – looks very feminine and fetching to us

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