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Ironically, the leading lady in “The Notorious Betty Page” is not the star she perhaps should be. After Donnie Brasco, she should have fared better.

She’s pretty, talented, has nipples you can easily hang a coat on, and, of course, a lovely lovely bum.

You can see her next in what looks to be a very interesting movie “3.10 to Yuma”. It looks like it has a great cast. The Quest is looking forward to it, and the hope of a little Gretchen in the process.

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I noted the other day that ABC has picked up a pilot starring Christina. She’s a talented comedy actress – her Friends episode was one of the best of the 10 season run. The new show’s called “Sam I am” and seemingly centers around her having amnesia.

My guess is that she probably remembers that she’s in a society where clothes are necessary. Not admittedly the way I, myself, would have chosen to write it. Here you can see why.

I admit that I never really found “Married… with Children” funny, but did often watch it just for Kelly Bundy’s body. Were The Quest for the Perfect Bottom online in the late 1980’s she would certainly have been a rear of the year candidate.

Incidentally that show is still bizarrely popular today in Germany.

Some of you may have noted that there are a few omissions in my Quest. There are some famous bottoms that should be recorded and examined here, and others that one would expect me to at least consider.

Naturally, time is one of the most obvious reason for many of these omissions. I will get around to your favorite booty eventually.

There is, however, another reason.

There are some women out there whom I adore. Whose bottoms should be enshrined in glory. Whose noble thighs inspired this Quest from the outset. If…

If… if I could only find pictures of their bums.

Sadly, it’s quite a long list. Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin, Gina Torres, Liv Tyler, Natalie Dormer, Alexandra Breckenridge, and more.

Which brings me to Kate. She was, and still pretty much is, on that list. At the top of it in fact. She’s easily in my top 5 list of most gorgeous women of all time. Possibly this is because she reminds me of the crushes I had on the St Trinians-esque gymslipped girls that were a few years above me in school.

Kate is a very beautiful woman and a talented actress that has spent a great deal of her career completely and utterly naked. She seems to be proud of her body, and she has every right to be. We’ve seen her breasts numerous times, her peeing in “Holy Smoke”, and full frontal close-up pubic hair nudity in “Jude”.

But, no bare butt. I have here the best shots I can find of it. Some of them are very old and rare.

These shots above are from some UK TV show in the early 1990’s. Today Kate has a wonderful cuddly curvy voluptuousness, back then she was even more cuddly.

Below are some shots of Kate’s feature debut in Heavenly Creatures (note, also starring Melanie Lynskey who has matured beautifully, and can be seen starring in “Drive“)

These are from a TV commercial broadcast around 15 years ago. Seems Ali developed a big following then too, though people didn’t know who she was on those days.

So it looks to me that Ali is in fact very near naked, if not actually naked (perhaps a thong?) in this ad. That censor bar doesn’t quite cover her pretty thighs.

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As previously promised, here’s the 18 or 19 year old Jennifer in her full glory. Enjoy your fill of those beautiful sun-kissed cheeks. There’s even some breasts thrown in for those that like them.

(The other girl is Debra Cole – not sure what her bottom is like.)

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I’m teasing you this morning. Take a look at these pictures of Jennifer’s tempting tushie. They’re from the Dennis Hopper movie “The Hot Spot”. Hot, this movie most certainly is.

Jennifer was probably either 18 or 19 years old at this point, and in perfect physical shape.

So where’s the tease? Well, how would you like to see similar shots of Jennifer without the bikini? I mean completely naked?

Tune in again later today for exactly that – Teenage Jennifer’s fully naked and truly beautiful bottom, bent over with cheeks apart!!!

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I found these sultry pics of Marilyn. I thought I’d share them.

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I think I had my first crush on Agnetha. It’s easy to see why.

Perhaps those of you born after the seventies can’t fully appreciate what an incredible world wide phenomenon Abba were. The music appealled to most, and for those of us outside of Sweden these were among the first hot babes we’d seen from those lands. The tight one piece jump suits were just icing on the cake.

Swedish girls, you need to travel more, and perhaps wear less.

Now starring in low budget high street clothing retailer H&M’s latest series of ads, I though it was time to look behind Madonna’s career.

I guess the high point for The Quest was in the early nineties. The publication of her book “Sex” and her role in “Body of Evidence” afforded much opportunity to examine her bottom in detail.

As an often ground breaking star, it is really a shame that other female singers then and now don’t follow her excellent example with similar works. I could list a few that I would love to see in a coffee table glamorous bottom related photoshoot.

Probably the World’s most famous occupant of a bikini. Surprisingly few pictures of her wearing one from behind though. Shame, because what you see here suggests that it would have been a sight worth seeing.

Still at least there a few bare bottom pics (in a delightful position too) to make up for that. As with all our classics pics here, we have to pause for a moment and consider what modern tastes and photographic work on celebs would have made of Miss Andress. Something special I’m sure.