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Good God!

What a combination. The hottest ass sport on Earth, and one of the world’s hottest asses. It rarely gets better than this. I mean look, that white bikini goes right up in between her buttcheeks. It is a wondrous thing of great beauty.

Again, why is there no 24 hour cable beach volleyball channel? The World needs such entertainment. Guys in helmets – or fit babes in very tight shorts?

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So here’s a beautiful look at little Elisha’s hot cheeks. These are from the movie “The Girl Next Door”, which we must confess to absolutely hating.

It’s not so much that it’s a bad movie. While the script and the acting left much to be desired, it had some entertaining moments.

No, what irked us was their representation of the porn industry – that tired old cliché. Obviously working in the porn industry ourselves were are a little sensitive to this meme.

Here’s the off-the-shelf Larry Flynt-esque low class producer versus the successful big business Hugh Hefner. Stuck in the middle is the same tired old cliché of the victim with a heart and the strength to overcome all of them. It’s a hack! It’s obviously not written with any insight or experience into the truth of the business. To make matters worse, they seemed to confuse the porn industry with prostitution. Despite what many may think, these are not connected industries.

We guess at some point back in the days of print porn publishing there were guys in leopardskin and leather that were little more than pimps running the show. That, however, hasn’t been true for many years. In fact today the adult industry is very professional. We’d say more than half the producers We’ve met have been women.

One caveat though – we are continental European. We perhaps don’t suffer from the same level of repression, or misguided laws and attitudes, that have driven the adult industry underground into the arms of criminals in some other countries. Although, our understanding is that, in the most part, the US adult entertainment industry is reputable.

As evidence we offer this interesting article by Regina Lynn over at Wired.

We, as both male and female writers here at The Quest, have not personally seen any exploitation of anyone in this industry. Whereas we have seen horrific exploitation in some supposedly “reputable” big business corporations at all levels of employee.

In all seriousness the porn industry is one if the most ethical and honest on the entire planet. We are heavily scrutinized by governments. We don’t exploit slave labor, or child labor in factories in China. We don’t screw employees out of their pensions. We don’t factory farm cheap outsourced workers in Mumbai. We don’t make people work long hours for low pay. We don’t even destroy the environment.

We’re nice happy people, with great jobs.

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Two pieces of good news recently. Supernatural has been picked up for a third season, and Friday Night Lights will get a second. You can see Adrianne in both.

In Supernatural she was Sam’s short lived girlfriend. In Friday Night Lights she’s Tyra. Supernatural isn’t pushing the boundaries of creativity, but it’s a very enjoyable show. FNL is, however, pushing those boundaries. Fantastic camerawork, superb acting – great show.

Adrianne is one of the hottest blondes I’ve ever seen I think. Fortunately she seems to have landed a lot of beach / surfing roles before these two shows. This gives us an opportunity to see her hot body.

Hopefully we see much more of her.

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I noted the other day that ABC has picked up a pilot starring Christina. She’s a talented comedy actress – her Friends episode was one of the best of the 10 season run. The new show’s called “Sam I am” and seemingly centers around her having amnesia.

My guess is that she probably remembers that she’s in a society where clothes are necessary. Not admittedly the way I, myself, would have chosen to write it. Here you can see why.

I admit that I never really found “Married… with Children” funny, but did often watch it just for Kelly Bundy’s body. Were The Quest for the Perfect Bottom online in the late 1980’s she would certainly have been a rear of the year candidate.

Incidentally that show is still bizarrely popular today in Germany.

Much has been written in the US press recently about the UK FHM decision to list Hayden as one of the hottest babes of the year. To my European mind, and I’m sure the minds of most non-American readers, her placement in that pantheon is just and understandable.

It came as a surprise to me that Americans are having a hard time with this, because in the US the age of majority is 18. Hayden turns 18 later this year.

Actually, it’s a double standard of course. Many people do recognise that she hot, they are just not permitted to say so publicly without being (wrongly) branded as some kind of dangerous pervert. They had exactly the same agony over Anna Kournikova.

As far as I know, the US is the only country with such preposterous laws – well, other than extremist religious dictatorships.

Americans, you’re from a great country. You’d be from a greater country if you controlled your lawyers, your politicians, and your religious right wing.

You need to see beauty and freedom for what it is, and embrace it.

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Is it just me, or does Mischa bear more than a passing resemblance to one of the Grays? Could she be extraterrestrial? Well, if there’s going to be any anal probing to be done…

Mischa’s bottom certainly looks human. Have a nipple slip too, just for kicks.

The Yankee’s pitching woes have been getting most of the media attention in the past few weeks. There is, however, another tragic tale that is affecting the Yankees.

Right Fielder Bobby Abreu used to have a relationship with Alicia. She’s a former Miss Universe. And, as you can see clearly here, the only Miss Universe to have posed naked for Playboy.

My understanding is that Alicia was on some Mexican reality TV show – something like Big Brother – and she pretty much had sex with some guy on live TV. Classy dame huh?

Bobby’s been slumping ever since.

Cheer up Bobby! You’re rich and talented, and your team’s just signed The Rocket. From what I can see, her ass is above the Mendoza line but it’s no single season Home Run record.

There’s much nicer ass out there that’ll be a classier match for your 2007 World Series ring.

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I adore Elsiha’s ass, although I’m not a fan of 24. Well, to be precise I though the the premise for the first season – the concept of telling a story over 24 hour long episodes, was a novel and interesting idea. One, the was for the most part, well executed. Never did see Jack go to the bathroom though…. not that I wanted to admittedly.

The actual plotline was not for me. It only got more preposterous as the seasons went onward. Somewhere down the line this felt like the scary über-Republican aussie Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox and most other media) telling me what to think about how terrorists should be dealt with. Again, in case I have not mentioned this enough – I hate Fox.

In fact the only artistry I took from that show was Elisha’s darling little bottom. She’s starring in a soon to be released movie “Captivity”, where she is again kidnapped and tortured. It’s directed by the twice Oscar nominated Roland Joffé – certainly a great director, though I think we might assume that this movie is not going to be easy to watch.

I can only hope that Miss Cuthbert can be suitably attired to, you know, perhaps take our minds off of the more harrowing aspects of the movie..

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Blonde or brunette? I’m coming down on the side of blonde. I would like to be sure what her natural color is though – maybe the Tudors can show us that…

I do like this portrait of her. It’s the wrong lens, so actually her face is a little distorted, but it sort of works. Perhaps it’s the eye make up. Hmm, just from this shot, if anyone was planning a remake of Bell, Book and Candle I’d be inclined to vote for Natalie in the Kim Novak role. One of my favorite movies I may add.

I have no doubt many of you share the desire to see Natalie without her bodice. So, to that end here’s some modern day pics of her. Although, still too encumbered by clothing, that clothing is in parts see-through, or at least fine enough to see her erect nipples through it.

Again, she’s still a fox and a tease, but a very beautiful and talented one.

(In the last pic here, the peroxide blonde, whom you’ve probably never heard of – she’s not very famous – is Hannah Spearmitt, also featured in little more than panties on these pages).

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Of all the Buffy stars, it’s hardest to find good bottom pictures of Alyson. This being the only reason why she wasn’t listed here before.

I’m glad she’s doing well in her sitcom “How I met your Mother”, although it’s not a show I can stand to watch. I was astonished to see it make a second season. It’s off-the-shelf and not in the least funny to me.

Personally I think she has way more talent than that show exploits. She has been wasted in pretty much everything since Buffy really – although obviously enjoying more success than in those days.

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